Sunday, July 12, 2009

And Still Going ...

Hi everyone! Or whoever is still checking this blog after such a long time of radio silence. Now we're really into full steam ahead with the work on James Cameron's "Avatar". He actually came to visit us artists last friday. It was really cool. He had some very kind words about our work and one could actually feel the moral-meter raise considerably (not that moral's low).

He shook my hand after I told him I worked on two of his earlier projects (Terminator 2/3D and Titanic) and said "So you're back for more!".

He also talked about the matte paintings for Avatar for about five minutes which was a real boost for my colleagues and me. JC proceeded to tell us how people reacted to seeing 25 minutes of the movie in Amsterdam.

Their impression must have been similar than mine - we also had a screening that day: Even though I've been working on this for a long time it was breathtaking to see everything in context. I can't really say anything but that it blew me away.

See you on the other side!!!