Monday, May 26, 2008

For Raine

Hey - thanks for your kind comments. To answer your questions:

"would love to know what projects you're working on"

Weta is working on James Cameron's "Avatar" - which will release in 2009. I didn't do too much for it yet - mostly minor production concepts.
Right now I'm full time on the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

"and who are in the matte dept. at the moment, I wanna find their portfolios :D"

I can't really tell you that, I'm sorry. But - the two links on my blog lead to artists that have graced the matte department with their talents in recent months / last year. They work more on the concept side of things but are all great people and great artists. I'd bookmark all of their blogs.

Another person who used to work here is my good friend Christian Haley. I can't seem to find his online portfolio rightnow, but just search for his name - you should find plenty of stuff. He is phenomenal. I learned a lot from this guy.

Hope this somewhat helps! :)

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raine said...

thanks man for the answers, that's enough info for me ;)