Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Vienna

I was in Vienna for a week, before travelling down to my dad's in the province of Styria. The weather was, and still is, fantastic. Very warm, actually a bit too warm for my tastes. Between 25-30 degrees celsius. I'm not used to that anymore.

In Vienna I walked around the city with my mother, who, in my opinion is as savvy as any professional guide. I also met a bunch of old friends I hadn't seen for up to ten years. It was like a day hadn't passed, really nice.

I went to different restaurants and also to a famous beer garden and ate a pork shank there. So unhealthy, but sooo goood!

I still need to download a ton of fotos, but here are the first impressions.

Oh and I'm having shoes made! Here you can see the shoemaker, this awesome lady, taking measures. Now she's gonna make a 'testing shoe' and then, after a few corrections, the real thing. I've always wanted handmade shoes so badly and now I finally get to do this!

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