Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Fotos, Four Songs

First some photos I took recently. I really like the one with the moon because it counterplays the street lights below.

Been pretty busy in the studio recently. I got myself a new synth - a Midi Moog - which in a Mini Moog rack-mounted and midified. Following are four new songs I made over the last few months. The UFO one I posted already, but this time it's a high quality mp3.

Robots - this one I made fairly quickly, but had a lot of fun doing so and it came out pretty well for my standards ;) It sounds very Kraftwerky - well - it's got synths and is about robots. It features a Roland SH-09, Roland RS-09 and a Korg MS-10.

Secret Nazi Rug - someone who I was friends with for years suddenly went crazy and really hurt me for no good reason. I made this song to get over it and hey - it worked. Please understand that I was really mad when I made this - that will explain the chorus.
Features the most extensive vocal work I've ever done ( that's not saying much) and the usual gaggle of synths - including the Midimoog on bass and accompanying keyboard. Some people don't like the Autotune effect but I had to give it a try - especially since my singing was so off.

Traktrak - this one I made fairly quickly. Most interesting thing might be me playing two synths (RS-09 & RH-09) at once in the first melody part. My favourite part is the crazy synth solo in the second part. I kept switching the octaves up and down while paying and gives it a bit of an over-the-top feeling.

UFO - my first try at vocals after a long time. Lil' fun song

Please enjoy. I make those purely for the joy of creating them. I don't claim that they're professional or anything, but they might be entertaining - please give them a try! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi J.O.E.! It's good to hear you have ditched alcohol - I try to do the same.

Firecrab said...

Well, drinking was a problem arising for my depression. So, once I 'ditched' my depression, the drinking went away by itself.
Good luck & try to get some help. Drinking is usually a symptom, not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have struggled with this, but finally realized I need some professional help and can not sort these problems out all by myself. What I am worried about is how much it will cost me to get some professional help and can I afford it, but I'm sure its worth it if I can. BTW, I've been depressed about two years now and I think part of my heavy drinking is my escape (really bad escape) from that depression.

Greetings from Turku, Finland! You have been the source of inspiration for many finnish fellows here. It was great to see your Scoopex era graphics back in the old days and it's great to see you have been able to build a one helluva career since!

Good luck J.O.E. and thanks for giving me some thoughts regarding this not so nice subject as well!