Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a Quickie Render

Hi! Here's just something I played with in Vue. Nothing special, but I like the atmosphere! :) Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I think it's quite scary that a computer program is rendering this kind of imagery. I realize it takes some artistic skill and technical ability to get this out of Vue, but still. How long is it before there's less need for a matte painter because of software like this? Just a worry of mine. Is there anything to worry about? The mid ground to distant areas are pretty believable.

Firecrab said...

Well, regardless of how powerful Vue might be, it will still take a person to drive it. An artist who can create scenery that is beautiful. Not everyone is a good photographer, even though everyone has access to cameras and can shoot anything they want.
So, powerful yes, but skillful creation always needs artists.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Peter. Not everyone can creat some thing, when u look at this u wanna say "Wow!"