Saturday, March 8, 2008

A New Arrow in the Quiver

I recently complained that my computer, an outdated PC, was way too slow to do serious paintwork. Today I fixed that problem and got me a 24" iMac. I already have a 24" monitor, so the screen real estate that is available now is plentiful and inviting.
I initially wanted to get a Mac Pro Desktop, but after some consideration, mostly financial, decided against it. It's a true work horse, nicely engineered - I use one at work - but I just took the iMac for a test spin and it is wonderfully quick. A lot of bang for the buck - runs Windows like a charm too.
I can't believe anyone, who is not strapped for cash, would buy a PC instead of Apples. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a blind believer, but Jobs and the guys and gals at Apple have done a lot of things right in recent years.
OSX is a great operating system too. If I didn't have to run Windows for a couple of reasons, I'd abandon it forever. What a backwards POS.
And lastly - come on - we're artists! Apple computers are really easy on the eye and cleverly designed. They're not just looking good, but easy to use. Alright - enough praise out of me!

I just want to add that somehow I feel my creative juices are really returning. It's a great feeling. I'm not going to get ahead of myself though, because I have been disappointed too many times before. I will just take it easy and enjoy whatever creative energy comes my way. Thinking back to how I was feeling a year ago, I can hardly believe I've come that far. It's also nice to see that after sticking my head out again a little bit on forums, a few people still remember me and gave me a "Wondering where you were - welcome back!". Until next time!

Oh and here's a shot I took last saturday: Fireball, fireball!

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