Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Call It ...

... the cockpit! So I finally got my Korg Mono/Poly back from service. Tim Prebble here in Wellington did a quick and excellent job! He's looking at my Roland System 100 right now, which is the only analogue synth missing from this picture.
I had forgotten what a crazy machine the Mono/Poly is since I hadn't been playing it for a couple of years now.
Please look at the B/W photo for a description of the different machines in the photo.


tek! said...

im missing some classic roland drumcomps tho.
808, 909, 707 , anything!

Firecrab said...

808s and 909s are sooo expensive these days - and I hardly ever see them offered - but we'll see ;)

Ludo said...

So cool ! A Moog ! Amazing !!