Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Summer, Wellington, 2009

Made this little video as a Holiday Hello! for my friends abroad. It shows some impressions of the summer that has finally begun here in New Zealand.

"Wellintgon,Summer, December 2009"


Vanessa said...

beautiful place. am feeling a bit nostalgic right now, as I sit here surrounded by snow.

firecrab said...

Oh hai! We miss you! It's just starting to become nice and summerly! G and I are heading to the South Island tomorrow morning - staying in Nelson!
When are you coming back??? xoxo

Chris said...

nice, hope all is good in N.Z.!

Ludo said...

Very nice !
I definitely want to discover this country !

Merisi said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder of summer days!
The music is great too.

Greetings from Vienna!

HelenAngel said...

It's so beautiful!

I saw Avatar over Christmas and made my husband wait to see all the credits until I saw your name, then proudly pointed at the screen when I saw it and shouted, "There's Peter!" The other people leaving the theater must have thought I was crazy. ;) Blog more- I'd love to hear from you & miss you!