Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been way too long!

Hello everyone! Time to get this blog started again! Quite a few people have seen this already - I've been featured on e-on software's hompage.
Go and check it out if you haven't - I think it turned out quite nicely - features a few frames of my work on Avatar.

Been pretty busy since the last time. I got married to my sweetheart in March and then worked my butt off on various things. End of this week I will go on a two month hiatus to just relax and air out my brain. Might lead to some new artwork - who knows - I have no other agenda than chilling out.

I will start posting stuff on a regular basis again - and if it's just photos. So check in again from time to time!



prashant shah said...

hey peter, both compositions are wonderful. especially the terrain on which the windmills and the electric posts are, was that done through vue or is that a photographic element? the colors look lovely. the sky and atmosphere in the first image is perfect.

I am a VUE artist from india, i work at EyeQube Studios as an environment artist. Since i read you had some time, i was hoping you can answer a few questions about vue and environmental cg in general. If you wouldnt mind, you could email me your email address at and i could begin my quest for some knowledge :D

Prashant Shah

RINKU said...

Your work is great, moreover you started off as a Digital artist from Austria and not from mother of Vfx USA, just like us indian guys. you started your journey when you were 24 and now really you've got really big list of amazing movies behind you (Amazingly amazing!!!). I am also learning vue and 23 years old, i love compositing and motion graphics. i dont know about what happend to you for 5 years but person like you is needed to honor the industry so cheer up. Wishing you goodluck.