Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alien City

This doodle was also done in sketchbook. Just happened - obviously. I kinda like it. Of course it's nothing great, but being done in 2005, the worst part of my depression, I was happy I could even do something like that. Als0 - to clarify - I was still working full time in my job during that time - so my theory is that I used up all my creative energy at work. So for my personal work, the well was dry, which can be seen in most of these examples.

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Tom Evans said...

You've got some impressive credits in your profile firecrab! Strange to compare your achievements with your self-description... all I see in this post is a set of excuses for a result that is actually rather intriguing. Everything you've posted so far looks great, and thoroughly reflects my own current bleak mood.