Sunday, January 27, 2008

Launch Progress ...

Hello. I wonder if *anyone* is reading this, haha. I'll go ahead anyway.
I'm still working on the 3D scene of "Launch". Making good progress. Done with the fighter geo, will put a texture map I did a while ago on it. Then I still need to work on the carrier. I actually want to remove a lot of the nurnies and return to some details I had in the rough sketch - they seem to be more interesting and elegant in my opinion. The details I have on the side of the carrier just look very generic and like they don't really belong to it. I'm also going to rework the struts that are holding the launch rail - they're looking a bit too elegant - also returning to a design that is closer to the original sketch (posted those sketches a little further down below.
I will post a new version in the next few days - probably at the end of the 3D phase. And then I'm gonna paint over it. Not really sure what the final resolution will be - but it's gonna be at least 3K, if not 4 ... eep ;)

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