Monday, April 14, 2008


Work's rattling me pretty hard right now, since we're only two matte painters in a facility with three projects in full production mode. I like it tho, since I'm much better when working under some pressure :)
But nevertheless, I'm working on a quick illustration of that creature in my last post. Hopefully I'll finish this week :) Until then! Back to work with me!


Set Designer said...

I like your work. I understand the dry well problem. Ive been suffering with that problem as well. I was down in NZ for LOTR at Weta. I was in the workshop with Richard Taylor so I didnt get to meet any of the digital folks. Glad to see you are keeping busy down there. How did you finally get passed the creative block? Im still trying to figure that out.


Firecrab said...

Sorry for my late reply Scott! I didn't look for comments for a long time. My post about my depression experience is further up if you care to take a look! All the best!