Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally Launching!

Eeep! It has holes as big as a house. It looks quite incomplete. There are lotsa mistakes and flaws. But I had to kick it out! It was a creative thrombosis! I have a few ideas for some other paintings - but I didn't want to start anything until I had this painting done. And it was dragging on and ooon and ooooon! So I finished it - not as I would have liked it to be - but I don't want this to be the last piece I'll ever do.

I hope you like it nevertheless as it is - there is quite a bit of work in it. I made the first sketch for it over two years ago if I remember correctly. Still stuck in my creative black hole, I was already happy to get a sketch out. That I actually completed it, is a bit of a triumph for me - you know why if you've read this blog's profile.

I probably will make a 'making of' if anyone is interested. Please let me know.

And now, to bed with me - up way past my bedtime! See you soon! Cheers :)


Joe Ardent said...

I love it, man! I would also love to see a making-of, 'cause I really liked the one you did of the soldiers-on-alien-planet (another painting I really liked). Keep it up!

P.S.: Hi, Peter :)

Darklight said...

good to see it finally finished ;D
i like, but i can see how this could drag on and on if you wanted to fix every little detail. but like you said, good to see your creative juices flowing again. now, on to the next masterpiece!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

work is superb !! A great blog too !!!

JCBeastie said...

I think this a stunning peice.

Don't worry about scientific innacuracy or whether this craft could fly or not, it's impressive regardless.

Personally I like the small Jet plane, real nice design. I'd love to see some renders of the rest of it if that's possible.

Been through your blog and seen a vast hole where the comments hould be (guilty) but your work is very impressive and I shall be following it, well done.

Trilec said...

Even when you consider it unfinished. it can inspire and feed the soul.

Nice to see mate.


Set Designer said...

This is a great piece. I really love the dynamic of the ship and the people walking around in the launch bay.

I look forward to seeing more.


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Peter!

I would like to see the making of as well.

BTW, I got to your blog through the conceptships.blogspot.com website.

I wouldn't have given a second thought to missing details, the whole thing just took me to a mental flight.