Monday, April 7, 2008

Onto Something New

After a few days rest in the wake of finishing "Launch" and getting a PS3, I'm getting the itch again. It'll be a hopefully quick painting. I don't want to say anything about it, except that I think it's a pretty funny idea. Presentation and composition are key though. If I do the 'ideal' version that's in my head, it will involve a character ... eek! My weakness.

Otherwise I want to state my happiness of the reception of "Launch". The crits were all dead on and will help me to make better pieces in the future. I certainly won't go back and improve, because I'm sooooooo done with it :)
I was especially happy to see that Concept Art found it worth deeming my first post five star worthy! I was really surprised, because oh man, are there huge caliber artists at large. So I feel happy and rewarded.

Launch also gave me a bit of closure, since I first came up with it when I was deep in the black pit. Finally finishing it is a bit more proof that I've left my depression for good and am holding the rudder of my creative ship firmer and firmer. Happiness. Nothing can buy it! (except five stars at CA, haha).

With that I leave you. Thank you for visiting and hopefully I've got a new painting up!

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