Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to the New ...

Back to the painting that hopefully will be! I've done some more work on "Launch". This is the first time after 1.5 weeks that I got to work on it again. One factor that also slows me down, next to the lack of time, is that my PC is getting pretty darn slow once you throw some layers, color corrections, layer masks at it - throw 16-bit color depth into the mix and it feels like 1997 all over again. Aahh, I can feel my 'justifier' working to talk me into buying myself one of those fantastic Mac Pro desktops (I use a beefy one at work, and holy cow, can that thing be loaded without getting out of breath!

This time I'm only showing a crop, in order to impress you a little bit more once I'm posting the finished thing. There are a lot of temp elements in here - the deck crew for instance or also the heat signature. Additionally, the fighter hasn't really been worked on either. Right now I'm concentrating on the carrier. The image has been flipped too - I'll flip it back again, but I usually switch it back and forth so I get somewhat of a fresh look at the illustration.

I just thought of something: I keep getting caught up in details - I love it of course, but in order to have a better plan, at the beginning of the next session, I will sit down and do a quick paintover to get an idea how what the final painting will look like and what it needs. Also - ideas are flowing better that way too.

One last thing for tonight: If you have any critique or a suggestion about how to make this thing look better, please leave me a comment. Any other kind of comment is welcome too and will act as a massive motivator for my personal work. With that I leave you until next time. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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