Thursday, February 14, 2008

That Old Feeling ...

... is still not here, but I sure as hell enjoy just sitting down for the second time to work on this painting, listening to music blaring out of the speakers (old Pc-Engine game tracks - I'm a true geeeeek!). I'm taking my sweet time with painting. And why not? I think during my first 'old' phase of doing digital illustration I always was too impatient to present something. Quite often I ended up with something half-baked, not thought out or simply unfinished. Right now I'm just glad I'm motivated enough and have the opportunity to sit down and work on my own stuff. I'm almost indulgent ;). Sorry that I'm not posting any new states of the painting, but I am struggling right now ... having my pants down ... wouldn't wanna show that. I'm merciful that way! ;) But soon. Not that anyone is waiting.

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