Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Late Night

Argh! Computer slow! I'm actually bootcamping Windows onto my Macbook Pro again, because I'm hoping that it will run Photoshop a little quicker than my aging PC. Even though I've got a mirrored array in it (just for SATA disks - nothing wild) it's sleep inducing. As I mentioned before - 16-bit images don't help. I refuse to work in 8-bit anymore though - I've fought mach-banding for years and I've had my fill ;) "Mach-banding" is such an old-school term, I learned it when I first came to Digital Domain in 1995. Back then we already had paint programs that worked in 16-bit: Matador and Amazon Paint, running on Silicon Graphics machines. The rest of the pipeline was pretty much 8-bit, so we used 16-bit only for special cases.
It took Adobe forever to (pretty much) completely switch Photoshop to 16-bit so us matte painters could use it. Photoshop CS was the first version. Boy did I get drunk when that one came out! It's been great ever since.

I'm making good headway with launch and should be done with it pretty soon. Next painting I'll hop onto will be less epic (I say to myself - let's see if I'm listening). My problem is that I still fall too much into detailling. Work's got me down a bit so this has been a nice change. Anyway - I'm babbling.

Sorry - no picture today! See you soon.

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