Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Again ...

Up until now I used to work on my personal stuff after hours at work. I just wasn't happy anymore with my setup at home. I'm not so much talking hardware, but the location of my desk. Where it used to be was just a really uninviting spot. With the valuable advice of my lovely girlfriend we found a better spot for it. And tonight is the first time I'm sitting down - working on "Launch" at home. I've got a 3K render with me and will jump on it. We'll see how far I get. But I feel quite inspired - especially when I look out the window. The location change now allows me to look straight out over Wellington bay - if that doesn't inspire me, nothing will. The photo's one of many I took from that window :) I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Brian LaFrance said...

wow. what a view!!!

Just stumbled on your blog, Peter. Glad you're doing this!